Dataverse Trusted Remote Storage Agent Update

Work on the Trusted Remote Storage Agent (TRSA) for Dataverse is progressing and we now have a working prototype to fulfill the Minimum Viable Products (MVP) goals of the ImPACT project. The TRSA MVP is designed to interface with our ImPACT Dataverse and will provide the metadata needed for discovery of the remote content. The overall conceptual design is shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1

The TRSA interface (Figure 2) helps data providers create metadata for research materials that they are entrusted to care for inside their trusted storage facilities. This metadata is then pushed out by TRSA to the public ImPACT Dataverse to share these discovery metadata. As new users find the data, ImPACT workflows will enable them to learn the next steps needed to take to gain access to these files.

Figure 2

We look forward to demonstrating the new TRSA at IASSIST 2019 and the Dataverse Community Meeting 2019 as well as other venues during the coming year.